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    30.06.2021What happens when you arrive a bit early and you are small? 1.3 kg, (a girl) 1.9 kg  ( a boy) and the biggy at 2.3kg ( a boy) 

     Most of the time in front of the fire inside. Little visits several times a day, between showers of rain, to feed from mum, Oreo.


    We are taking the bottle well overnight.

    Oreo is making lots of milk, enough for triplets and for more lovely goat milk soap.

    And YES, Oreo is the baby on the web  front page,  from 6 years ago

    Stellar Dairy Goat Farm is proud to announce the launch of it's new website and on-line shop.  The on-line store has been populated with our range of hand-made Goats Milk Soaps.  There is more to come as we develop more farm produce.

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